We thought this car would never see the inside of a paint booth. It took months and hundreds of hours of labor to get the body in a flawless condition that would be acceptable for the black PPG paint. Henry's primed, sanded and blocked the car over and over and over, and their efforts eventually paid off. Once the car was ready, it was transported to Gold River Auto Body where Rodd White and Troy Costa took over. They applied the black base coat and two coats of clear then sanded the entire car with 800 grit sandpaper to open it up for curing. After Acme installed the headliner the car went back to Gold River for final painting. After re-base coating the entire car it was time to do the stripes.

We knew the base coat was going to be black, but the color of the stripes was yet to be determined. Rodd tested several color combinations from gray to gold to ghost red before discovering candy apple red over silver metal flake provided the perfect contrast. The super snake stripes over the top of the car were meticulously laid out using an 11 inch center stripe with two, three inch companion stripes separated by a one inch gap. The side GT stripes presented another challenge since they were to be painted on to match the super snake stripes and then cleared over. Rodd obtained a set of stock GT 500 stripe decals from American Mustang and then had them reproduced in their reverse image using vinyl. He then laid these vinyl templates on the car and shot the stripes using the silver metal flake, candy apple red combination. Finally an additional five coats of clear were applied and the car was color sanded and buffed.