After carefully listening to our description of what we would like for our Mustang, Henry's first suggestion was to put an Art Morrison muscle car Max-G frame under the car and build around it. Trying to strengthen the Mustang's unibody and restructure the compromised frame rails to handle the incoming horse power would be a crude conciliation. Dave has had great personal experience with Art's frames and knew it would handle all of our needs.

Art's facility CAD engineered the frame while considering our engine specifications, tire and wheel size, front and rear suspension components and braking requirements. The frame is mandrel-bent 2x4 steel with passages for the exhaust and driveshaft, which allow for a low center of gravity and ride height, and with the Air Ride Technologies suspension system, the car is capable of attaining a ground clearance of less than 2 inches. As shown below, Henry's welded in new openings in the frame for the side exit exhaust for a precise fit.

After completely assembling the car to ensure proper fitment and alignment the Mustang was then completely disassembled for painting. Since the frame, and all of the components attached to the frame, were bare and also needed protection, everything was removed and taken to Perfect-It powder coating for finishing. They did a fantastic job of giving everything a chrome look by baking on a 'super chrome' finish.