After placing the Mustang body on a frame, the car suddenly lost almost four inches of height for engine clearance. We knew the carburetors would be above the cowl line and hood clearance could be accomplished by modifying the height of the hood. However, neither a front nor a rear sump oil pan would adequately clear the frame cross member in the rear or the rack and pinion steering components in the front. This necessitated the use of an Aviaid dry sump oiling system with an external oil pump. This includes a custom Cobra, low profile, three inch sump oil pan with internal baffling and a windage screen, a four stage series I dry sump pump and a remote filter adapter. The pump has one pressure and three scavenger sections that use a Gilmer belt drive system attached to the crankshaft. The oil storage tank is an Aviaid six inch, eight-quart oil reservoir which is mounted and hiding under the passenger side fender well.