The Eleanor fiberglass body kit was an absolute nightmare. We purchased the kit from Unique Performance just before they stopped taking orders for parts and about a year before they shut down and became entangled with the local and federal government regarding legal issues. After numerous telephone calls and threatening faxes, the kit finally arrived. The hood was damaged, and several of the pieces had been previously fitted to a car and had black markings where they were to be trimmed and installed. Obviously Unique threw together a bunch of parts they could not use on their cars, boxed them up and sent them to us. Dave Henry decided to keep the kit, and fitting the parts was not beyond the realm of the shop's abilities. Also we were worried that returning the parts and waiting for replacements may take several more months.
These pictures reveal what Henry's was up against. It took countless hours of trimming, fitting, fiber glassing and sanding before everyone was satisfied with the results. We wanted all of the fiberglass parts to mold into the original body panels to give the car an original, but custom appearance.